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Process & Research

Core Energy Coaching™, the groundbreaking coaching method I practice, is based on the work of Bruce D Schneider, founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and author of Energy Leadership and Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams. 


In my work at iPEC, I co-created the COR.E Dynamics Program, the most effective way I know to help you get the results you want. In the program, you'll learn about:

Energy: the factor which determines the way you perceive, approach, and react to the situations, events, and circumstances in your life. Learn a framework covering seven levels of energy and understand common energy blocks and how to overcome them.

COR.E Influencers: the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social and Environmental factors that influence the energy you have available to put to use and – when optimized – allow you to approach life from peak levels of energy and engagement.  

COR.E Disciplines: Ten powerful aspects of a long-term life philosophy and a way of being that automatically resonates at high levels of energy or high consciousness.  

Research on Core Energy Coaching


If you're a research geek, take a peek at some of the studies I worked on at iPEC. 

Your Core Energy Determines Your Life Potential

Key Factor Revealed for Determining Success in Work and in Life

Raising your Core Energy Can Lead to Financial Gain

The Effects of Core Energy on Leadership Competencies

Energy Leadership™ Index Reliability and Validity

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